Monday, July 28, 2008

bubble shorts, bubble dress

Bubbly, big, balloon-y clothings are one sure hit nowadays. They were actually in with the style last year. Bubble shorts and bubble dresses are not only cute to be looked at when worn by a girl, but they also help in hiding unauthorized body parts that should be hidden but keep on making their legacies. Hehe.
Bubble shorts can help in defining a big or small butt. Huge or not that huge, it creates an illusion that a woman has perfectly-shaped behind.checkered bottom-clothings are now in to most ladies. (

Rihanna, has huge thighs and butt, BUT, she struts with the bubble shorts. (

big, balloon-y, mini-cinderella-ish. (

Audrina on the left is in a stunning purple mini-bubble dress, but I really like Whitney's pink number. It suits her skin color and her height. These are the girls from the reality show, The Hills. (

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