Thursday, July 31, 2008

the Amy Winehouse Eyeliner


It's rock, it's punky, it's model-ish, it's everything and every style you submit your eyes into. One particular style of putting an eyeliner is the Amy Winehouse style. It is something different and very noticeable. It is most common on girls who define the meaning of rock.
The popular eyeliner style has been more absorbed and modified in a fashionable and glamorous way. We have seen Elizabeth Taylor having this eyeliner during her Cleopatra days. It is, actually, an Egyptian style, modified by Amy Winehouse.
Amy Winehouse in her signature eyeliner. (

Anne Hathaway, glamorously beautiful in those Egyptian style eyes. (

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fashion necklace bling-blings

PLAIN tees, blouses, shirts need some accessories or accents to not look dull and boring. Go with the cliche, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! One of the most used accessories nowadays is this blingy necklace that give color to a duller top.

really cute pendants that give color to women's world! (

The most common pendant of the chain necklace. Hearts, hearts. (

Bea Alonzo keeping up with what's hot. (

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boho Headbands

Bohemian wearing of headbands is wearing headbands with a twist. I and my sister once tried it with our little sister when she joined this mini-pageant in their school. They had to wear a casual dress, and casual as it was, we added some spice on it.
Bohemian headbands can be a thin piece of cloth, braided string, some come in leather-looking, and too many styles to mention. They look great when wearing long skirts and some "sando" or white blouses with flip flops on. Really looking like a Bohemian. Other than that, they also suit your everyday look and sometimes even when you're wearing Chanel like Lindsay here:worn with mini-black dress and leather hand-gloves. (

Kirsten Dunst in her everyday look. (

Nicole Richie who is always wearing the headband in Bohemian Style. (

Monday, July 28, 2008

why bigger bags are C O O L

we can put anything in it without worrying we might have replaced something because it is outside the bag. It is good for traveling. Daily things that we are using may be in it. A book for traffic, sets of keys, tissue, make up, rubbing alcohol, lotion, cologne, a big wallet, umbrella, etc. And we sometimes even want to change our shirts if we're too fever-y because of the sunshine heat. So we put some clothings and the bag doesn't give a damn!(

Shiny and crocodile bags are the hot piece now! (

Cameron being the fashionista that she is. Using the huge bag for traveling. She was also seen wearing that bag when she was running for errands. (

bubble shorts, bubble dress

Bubbly, big, balloon-y clothings are one sure hit nowadays. They were actually in with the style last year. Bubble shorts and bubble dresses are not only cute to be looked at when worn by a girl, but they also help in hiding unauthorized body parts that should be hidden but keep on making their legacies. Hehe.
Bubble shorts can help in defining a big or small butt. Huge or not that huge, it creates an illusion that a woman has perfectly-shaped behind.checkered bottom-clothings are now in to most ladies. (

Rihanna, has huge thighs and butt, BUT, she struts with the bubble shorts. (

big, balloon-y, mini-cinderella-ish. (

Audrina on the left is in a stunning purple mini-bubble dress, but I really like Whitney's pink number. It suits her skin color and her height. These are the girls from the reality show, The Hills. (

Friday, July 25, 2008

Scarf, for better or for worse

It is, I think, a must-have in every wardrobe. It can be used as a belt, replacement of a jacket, a head-protection against the heat of the sun, or even used as tool for hiding your face. :)
Arafat scarf, as what they call it, is a hype today. Here in the Philippines, it is mostly used by our Muslim brothers. And is most prominent with the Abu Sayaff.
I think the hype became phenomenal after those suicide bombings, world-renowned threats done by the group lead by Osama Bin-Laden.
Worse as it is, the fashion industry or fashion-minded people put it in a positive way. They started a trend, and that is wearing the scarf in a more fashionable way.

Pete Wents joining the herd. (

Thursday, July 24, 2008

colored jeans are in!

I remember my elder sister having a pair of red jeans when I was like twelve years old. And now they're back! They come skinny to look more sexy and because skinny jeans are like the best cut for now.
Wear it blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, red. And pair it with a cute printed top or anything you're comfortable with. When printed, you can choose an upper clothing with prints that have the same color as your chosen pair of jeans. And some doll-shoe flats, or a high-heeled pumps. Some teenager even wear them with Chucks!
I would like to have a purple one! Just like Jessica Alba here:

bright-colored jeans in:

first stop: summery dress

I've been hooked up with fashion since I was gaining my lady-ish senses. And so, as what I have planned, I'm launching my fashion blog. I've been a fan of celebrity blogs. We all know that celebrities, hollywood stars would not want to be last in line when it comes to fashion. Expect posts and entries in here which will mostly feature celebrities who wear the latest trends.
Being a fashionista is wearing the latest fashion, what's in, and being updated with the couture, designers' world. I just wear what's comfortable and trendy and what can be bought by my hard-earned cash. ;) Call me whatever you want!
First stop, since it's the summer season in the US, the latest trend is the long, printed, and comfortable dresses matched with the easy-to-walk on and very classic flats or roman sandals. It actually becomes a trend here in Philippines nowadays. Iwa Moto was seen wearing this kind of fashion on the FHM Night (only with high heels).
Leighton Meester wearing the long dress and flats (

models of DKNY flaunting its Summer Collection (

Even Angelina Jolie who's so picky in what she wears (mostly black) joins the club. (