Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boho Headbands

Bohemian wearing of headbands is wearing headbands with a twist. I and my sister once tried it with our little sister when she joined this mini-pageant in their school. They had to wear a casual dress, and casual as it was, we added some spice on it.
Bohemian headbands can be a thin piece of cloth, braided string, some come in leather-looking, and too many styles to mention. They look great when wearing long skirts and some "sando" or white blouses with flip flops on. Really looking like a Bohemian. Other than that, they also suit your everyday look and sometimes even when you're wearing Chanel like Lindsay here:worn with mini-black dress and leather hand-gloves. (msmaterialgirl.blogspot.com/)

Kirsten Dunst in her everyday look. (www.icydk.com)

Nicole Richie who is always wearing the headband in Bohemian Style. (www.popsugar.com)

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