Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stripes Top

I am a self-confessed heart-er of stripes! I love stripes! Horizontal stripes tops, at that. There is this cool illusion when watching a woman wearing a stripes top. Her waist area becomes smaller!
This is a fashion trend which we sometimes accentuate with a wider belt. There are wider stripes and pinstripes ones. Some rays of sunshine in your top.
This thin-stripes top is great for women with huge frames. (

Accentuate your stripes with wider belts and it becomes all good. (

Mary J Blige in a long sleeve stripes. (

Katie Holmes in wider stripes. (

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Who would ever want to be last when it comes to fashion trends. Every lady would be happy to wear and have the latest trend. They opt to be updated with what's in and what's hot nowadays. And now, here comes what was hot when we were still babies. The high-waisted bottom for women. There's a high-waisted shorts, high-waisted skirt, and high-waisted pants. And nobody in hollywood has forgotten to wear them.
We wear what's in and what's set by the designers to become hip and fashion-conscious. But we should wear what's comfortable and suits our body shapes.
I believe, a high-waisted bottom is not for girls who are pear-shaped. Because a high-waisted one would emphasize the bottom part of your body.
Here go the girls who pulled the high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts.Fergie, Rachel, Mary Kate, and Kiera in their high-waisted pants. (

Mimi in a high-waisted shorts. (

Christina Millian pulled that high-waisted skirt off in a more fashionable manner. (

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clutch Bags

Since then, clutch bags has been in the trend for people who would just like to want to bring important details. A clutch bag is a total accessory. It is where you put the things that you can't live without if you're in a party or functions. It is where you put your powder, lipstick, lip gloss, and cellphone!
Nowadays, there are sprouting clutch bags that blend in with your fashion and became more modified. They can be used when you wear your casuals, business, or gowns.

Best for your gowns. (
This is a cute clutch bag which you can use if you're wearing a pastel-colored casual mini-dress. (
A blue Murval clutch. Very chic and casual. (

Hilary Duff in that cute yellow dress and a Jimmy Choo clutch bag. (

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wide-Leg Pants

The coming out of the skinny jeans had been such a huge hit to all of us girls and even boys. Now, there's the wide-leg pants which I have come to know, is also a hit during our mothers' fashion-awareness times. Wide-leg pants are coming back and nothing's stopping it.
It can be best worn in a business/workplace matched with your pointed high-heels and your formal/business top.
Katie Holmes has even tried pulling it by wearing the wide-leg pants casually. Anyway, fashion is wearing what you think and wearing your attitude. So go and strut it!
Wide-leg pants, when worn can conceal your short and skinny legs.Best color for office wear, gray. (

Katherine McPhee in the premiere of the movie House Bunny. (

Katie Holmes, wearing out of this world clothings and making them a trend. (

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little, Babydoll Dresses

Are you feeling cuter now? Say, make a longer, loose top a little cute dress and pair it with your cute ballet flats? Or some gladiators in that matter? Sometimes, we see things in so many ways. We have moods, different moods. And the mood for now is to be cute! Haha.
Try this one. Hollywood celebrities are becoming carefree in their wardrobes and try on comfortable, easy-to-wear dresses. Not only that you're showing off your two long stems, but little babydoll dresses can make you a hit for these days!Babydoll with baby collars! How cute is that? (

Match your little dress with some black stocking and you're slam!(

Tori Spelling in a blue babydoll number. (

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Mostly worn black, leggings are coming back from the '80s. The fashion trend which was in with loose blouses and big belts and big ribbons in your head. Now, it's back in a more glamorous way. If you're wearing a mini, mini dress, a leggings would be helpful in being comfortable.
Leggings also, can be worn in long blouses. They would be great matched with ballet flats, or your sophisticated black pumps.
They come in leather-y looking, lacey, or in see-through mode.

Hilary Duff in a leggings matching it with pointed pumps. (

Lindsay Lohan who almost wears the leggings like her everyday clothing. (

Jessica Alba in that polka-dotted tube-dress and some black ballet flats. (

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Color is Purple

Purple is the latest color trend for today's fashion. Especially that the season of Fall is coming, purple as they say is much cooler on the eyes. And so is cooler in the fashion industry. I do love purple even when I was just beginning to make sense in this crazy world.
We play with colors nowadays and we match our clothings with any color we want and then we call it fashion.These purple shoes is fierce! (

Naomi Campbell in that silky purple top. (

Posh in a fitting purple number during the New York Fashion Week. (

Jessica Alba attending the 2008 Oscars in a Marchesa purple gown. (

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fashionable Vests

Every now and then, we update ourselves with what's ne and what's in. The fashion trends nowadays, are just modified fashion trends of the yesteryears. Vests, as we all have known, are once a hype during our teenybopper days. I am 22 years old, and now, they are coming back!
Vests are best when we are wearing plain tees, or if we are wearing tops with collars. Match them in your classic jeans or your slacks that compliment.

Celebrities are joining the hype of the fitted vests. (

Blake Lively, becoming more fashionable in the latest season of the Gossip Girl (

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big, Vintage Sunglasses

We need sunscreen for our skin and we need sunglasses for our eyes. They are not there just for fashion, but we need shades/sunglasses to protect our eyes from dirt and that grilling heat from the sun.
I was amazed when I was just little when I saw my grandmother wearing this huge sunglasses whenever she will leave her house. Those shades she was wearing were vintage and they are coming back.
With legions of celebrities wearing them again, they are no doubt have been becoming a sensation.Nicole Richie, still stylish in those huge sunglasses even in her everyday wear. (

Your Posh in that amazing get up matched with some humongous sunglasses. (

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dark Nail Polish

They say you can express yourself through the clothes that you wear. Yes, but there are also other ways to express yourself and the mood that you're wearing. Like the accessories that you wear, they give an attitude.
Dark nail polish is the trend today. Be it a royal blue, bloody red, or your midnight black. The purple shade is too cute, too! They convey different meanings these days. Back then, a dark color of nails would mean something mysterious or something gloomy in a person's personality. Today, dark nails mean fashion uprise!Midnight black nail polish looks good on fair-skinned hands. (

Mary Kate Olsen, pale lips, red nails. (

Lindsay Lohan always wears them black, and sometimes even let them fade naturally looking like she haven't had a manicure for ages. (

Cameron Diaz, in red toenails. Very visible in her white dress and flip flops. (

Friday, August 8, 2008

Peep-toe Shoes

Get your little toenails a pedicure and spa coz peep-toe heels are becoming the hype these days with your local and international celebrities. They have come second to your classy close pumps being worn in long gowns, mini dresses, business attires.
A peep-toe kind of shoe is sexy and gives you a stylish impact when wearing it.This tortoise shell patent pumps is your sophisticated kind.

These cute wedge-shoes will be perfect for a cute outfit like a mini-shorts or a mini-dress.

these can be your everyday shoes. flats, comfortable and stylish. can be worn in every get up you wish to wear. (

Take it from Victoria Beckham. Your every-inch of a fashion icon. (

metallic ballet flats

What's comfortable on the feet will result to over all comfort for the body. We see, shoes have a great part in our everyday living. They carry our whole body wherever we go, and they always end up the most used.
Now came the invention of the flats, which in one way or another, a form of footwear that can be easily worn, easy-to-walk-on, and most comfortable of all.
One modification of flats is the growing trend of the metallic ballet flats these days. It can be worn when wearing shorts for just a casual get up, a mini dress, or the most common wear-the never-ending and classic jeans.A classic silver ballet flats. (

Reese Witherspoon in her comfortable silver ones, too. (

These bronze metallic flats are good match for any color of get up you will have. (

Katie Holmes in those red doll shoes. (

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Checkered Shorts for Men

If there's a checkered short shorts for women, men would not want to be in the bottom list. They also have their checkered and cool shorts. Mostly come in different colors, checkered shorts are great in the eyes. Especially during the summer season, these checkered ones are most common.This black, red and white combination is masculine. (

Brooklyn Beckham, together with his famous parents, rocks the checkered shorts during their trip to Disneyland. (

Connor Cruise is more noticeable in those checkered shorts than his famous dad Tom. (

that Big Bow in your Headband

Headbands are accessories as well as some help in keeping your crowning glory prim and proper. What's the fad today are those big bows attached in the headbands that make it cuter. Bows/ribbons are very lady-ish.
A headband would be more cute if you're wearing a mini, casual dress. It also goes with your checkered/plain short shorts and a cute top.Headbands come in different color to match your style and mood. (

A blue with your big bow. (

Take it from Paris Hilton. Matching her headband with a big bow with her cardigans and shorts and a red bag! (

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long, Beaded Necklace

Plain tees are never enough. To glam up even if you're aiming for a simple fashion statement, accessories would make you strut with style. Long, beaded necklaces are classics that help in glamourizing a simple get up. Beads come in colorful, in different kinds and forms. They look great on plain, colored tees, but mostly worn in white, plain tops.
Beads in a chain. Looks great on anything. (

Reese Witherspoon made it work with a rugged get up and those wooden beads stringing in her neck. (

Kristen Bell glamoured it all more in 2008 Teen Choice Awards with those colorful beads. (