Friday, August 8, 2008

metallic ballet flats

What's comfortable on the feet will result to over all comfort for the body. We see, shoes have a great part in our everyday living. They carry our whole body wherever we go, and they always end up the most used.
Now came the invention of the flats, which in one way or another, a form of footwear that can be easily worn, easy-to-walk-on, and most comfortable of all.
One modification of flats is the growing trend of the metallic ballet flats these days. It can be worn when wearing shorts for just a casual get up, a mini dress, or the most common wear-the never-ending and classic jeans.A classic silver ballet flats. (

Reese Witherspoon in her comfortable silver ones, too. (

These bronze metallic flats are good match for any color of get up you will have. (

Katie Holmes in those red doll shoes. (

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