Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clutch Bags

Since then, clutch bags has been in the trend for people who would just like to want to bring important details. A clutch bag is a total accessory. It is where you put the things that you can't live without if you're in a party or functions. It is where you put your powder, lipstick, lip gloss, and cellphone!
Nowadays, there are sprouting clutch bags that blend in with your fashion and became more modified. They can be used when you wear your casuals, business, or gowns.

Best for your gowns. (http://www.laras.ie/press.html)
This is a cute clutch bag which you can use if you're wearing a pastel-colored casual mini-dress. (http://www.thebagboutique.co.uk/designer-bags/delilah-coral/)
A blue Murval clutch. Very chic and casual. (http://www.murvalhandbags.net/labels/murval%20handbags.html)

Hilary Duff in that cute yellow dress and a Jimmy Choo clutch bag. (http://www.thebaglady.tv/2007/05/clutch_a_marin.html)

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